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Ki-43 77th Sentai
This is the leader plane (indicated by the fuselage strips) of the HQ Chutai, 77th Sentai, stationed in Burma 1943. The white crescents on the tail are stylised seagulls - the emblem of the 77th Sentai. Burma witnessed bitter fighting in terrible conditions, the Allied forces predominantly from British Commonwealth countries.

The Ki-43 Hayabusa (peregrin falcon, Allied codename 'Oscar') itself, although it entered service in 1941, was obsolete when it was first introduced. Designed as a monoplane that would fly like a biplane, it did not permit major increases in power, armament or protection for the pilot or fuel. Never-the-less, 5919 were built. This aircraft is released as Freeware. Copyright (C) Finn Newick December 2000.