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Other Enjoyable Missions
    I have long been fond of having only one add-on per page on my sites. It greatly enforces the facts that the add-ons I choose to put on this site are the best available in the CFS2 community (I also get more page turns ... oops ... did I say that outloud?)  But with missions, which are so small in size and are quite ubiquitous, I will variate from my rule and place several worthy missions here with breif descriptions.

Defense of the Marshalls, a seven mission fictional campaign depicting the battles around the Marshall Islands, by Luke Raistrick. Recommended!
Download Here  


  Attack on Lae, a very involved mission in which you, in a TBF Avenger (aircraft and instructions included), make an attack on troop ships in Rabaul Harbor. By Marvin Carter, the excellent Mission Builder who also made the superb "Attack on Lakunai"

Download Attack on Lae Here


Several more Worthy Missions/Campaigns with Breif Descriptions ... are coming soon!  - The Managament
In the meanwhile, might wanna check out "TC's Corner" at ComCentral ... one crazy and funny CFS nut.