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CFS1 Section
    Someday, maybe soon, I will break down and put some CFS1 add-ons here. There is a large demand for them, but unfortunately I am more devoted to the CFS2 add-on these days. I used to host about five very large CFS1 add-on websites but due to a server script error I lost them all and never felt like re-publishing them.  Some Russian CFS1 downloads can be found here

These aircraft also have been found to work in CFS1:

Avia S-98 (Me 262)
Fokker T5 Bomber

The P-26A depicted here was flown by the commander of the 18th Pursuit Group based at Wheeler Field, Hawaii during 1939. Many P-26s, although very obsolete by late 1941, were still being used in Hawaii. As the attack was ending a few P-26s scrambled but fortunately for them the Japanese had already departed. Available shortly