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Avia S-98 (Me-262)
   Technically this jet aircraft is not the Messerschmitt Me262. It is the Czechoslovakian Avia S-98, and although almost completly identical to the German-built Me262, is indeed another aircraft altogether. This plane was designed for CFS1 and FS2000, but I found that it flies in CFS2 as well. Strangly, it never worked in CFS1 and I wonder if that was a mistake and it was meant for CFS2 all along. Anyways, I have discovered in CFS2 that if you pull very hard on the controls of this plane, especially at high speeds, you will bust into pieces and thusly explode! I'm not sure if that was intended but it gives this plane a fun little twist. Also it can dive like a submarine in the CFS2 water, go to a depth of approximately 10 feet, and stay submerged in this fashion for up to 15 seconds before finally slowing to a stop. But if you are more conservative, you can make a 10 second dive, pull up, and continue flying none the worse except for a wet airplane. Yes, its a flaw, but it's a lot of fun! I seriously recommend this aircraft for anyone with CFS, CFS2, or FS2000.
   If you're curious, here's some interesting history from this file's Readme: The Avia S-92 was the Messerschmitt Me 262 jet fighter, as built in Czechoslovakia. The USSR handed over captured tools and parts to Avia, in addition to parts already under production in Czechoslovakia during WWII, which included the engines. 17 were built, and a few saw squadron service in 1950-1951.
  Many commendations to Bernd Drefahl, Ian Donohoe, Kai Wang-Erlandsen, and Stefan Geissler for their magnificent work!