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CFS2 Add-on Missions/Campaigns
  Due to the ease of making CFS2 missions (well ... relative ease compared to making aircraft, etc) there are lots of missions available. For every CFS2 add-on aircraft there are about three missions you can get to go with them. However, since this website is devoted to quality CFS2 add-ons, only a few of the best missions, in my opinion, will I post here. Of course, as this website expands I will be sure to add more in the future.

Pearl Harbor Missions Here!!!
First Mission - 30 Seconds over Tokyo

   Quick Index of Currently Available Missions:

       30 Seconds over Tokyo - RAF Drake
       Ohka Strike - "Shiryu" Nelva
       B-25 Raid on Lakunai - Marvin Carter
       Defense of the Marshalls
       Attack on Lae
       Carrier Attack: Vila

Above: Image from "Ohka Strike!" found here