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Ju88 and Fw190A1 "Mistel" unguided missile
 The "Mistel" was designed as an anti-shipping weapon designed in mid-World War Two by Germany in a desperate attempt to slow the flow of supplies to Great Britain and her Allies. Not surprisingly, this failed, but not without several colourful attempts.
   Basically, the Ju88 would be attached to the Fw190 by an A-Frame, and there would be one lone pilot in the Fw190. The Ju88 would be unmanned and filled to the top with high explosive. From then on, the Ju88 was in effect just an oversized bomb, released just like a bomb, and exploded like a bomb.
   I would like to thank Jeff Delhaye, AKA WuhWuzDat, for his work on this interesting aircraft. The A-frame is copyright by Jeff Delhaye, the Ju88 and Fw190 are original and free domain.