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G4M2 Betty and Baka "Ohka" bomb
 The Baka (Baka is Japanese for "Fool," a name the US gave the Japanese "Ohka" flying kamikaze missile) was designed as a one-way piloted suicide missile to use against the ever-growing US Navy that was encroaching on the Japanese Pacific Islands. Unlike most other Kamikaze aircraft, the "Baka" was designed from the very beginning to be used only once and for the sole purpose of crashing into a US ship.
  The Japanese called the missile the "Ohka" which is "Falling blossoms" in English. The Americans called the Ohka the "Baka" which was Japanese for "Fool." Fool or no Fool, the pilot of the Ohka would be sitting in front of hundreds of liters of highly explosive rocket fuel and sitting behing hundreds of pounds of high explosive. Taken to within 40 miles of the target by a medium bomber mother ship (in this case a G4M2 bomber), the Ohka would be dropped and the rocket engines engaged.
   In a steep dive the Ohka would target an American ship, plummeting at speeds very near the speed of sound. At terminal velocity, the flight controls would become overstressed and even if the pilot wanted to pull out of the dive he would not be able to regain controle of the missile. This meant that the pilot, despite being exceptionally brave, would have to aim very well to hit anything at such speeds and conditions.
   Fortunately for the Allies (and the Ohka pilots, I suppose, too), the Ohka was never used in combat situations.