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Bell P-39D Aircobra

Fare Thee Well, my '39
In the cockpit of the Cobra
Trying hard to reach the line
But alas my engine faltered
Fare thee well my 39.

Oh my darling, oh my darling
Oh my darling, 39
You are lost, and gone forever
Fare thee well my 39

When you're spinning very flatly
And you've got a worried mind
That's all brother, hit the jumpsack
Fond farewell, my 39

All the black hats down in Congress
They just sign the dotted line
They are lucky they just bought it
They don't fly the 39.

    Needless to say after this informal USAAF ballad, the P-39 was not popular with American or British air forces. Because of its novel engine mounting, which was behind the cockpit driving the airscrew by means of a shaft running literally between the pilots legs, the centre of gravity was highly centralised. This tended to create an unpleasant phenomenon,  where the aircraft would get into a 'pankake' like spin horizontally, with little or no warning to the pilot.
   Fortunately, the CFS2 version has very little of that spinning problem and is quite a good vehicle of flight. This aircraft is a CFS2 AI version that has been simply converted to be flyable. Still included in this version are open-close canopy, and full battle damage in which you may lose your engine or wing to enemy fire (or friendly fire for that matter!). This aircraft is highly recommended both for its great detail but also for its firepower and centralised armament in the nose.
  PS: Please dont email me saying how good the P-39 was for its time and how it was badly under rated -- I KNOW!  I am a WW2 aviation historian and am fully aware of the many merits of the Bell P-39. Anyways, In finished. Download the plane please now.