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TBD Devastator

  During the Battle of Midway, the TBD (Torpedo Bomber Douglas) was finally realized to be an inferior torpedo bomber and quite helpless against Japanese carrier based fighters. The TBF which would eventually replace the TBD saw its first action in the Midway battle as well and fared no better. Despite these slaughters, the TBD, in the era of its development, was quite a fearful machine that was simply outdated and outclassed by its Japanese contenders by 1942.
   Most interesting about this CFS2 version of the TBD is that it can drop torpedoes as well as bombs. It also has highly detailed textures and all the great features of the original stock CFS2 aircraft, including opening and closing cockpits as well as working arresting gear. This is a CFS2 AI aircraft converted to be flyable by the human pilot.