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CFS2 Aircraft
Here you will find dozens of excellent add-on aircraft for CFS2. The main focus of this website is to provide the CFS2 pilot with quality add-on aircraft, but we also provide missions, repaints, etc.
Enter our CFS2 Aircraft Add-on Collection
What's featured here in the Aircraft Section?
 Many excellent designers, whom I have found most assisting, friendly, and helpful have given me permission, either through E-mail requests or their notes inside their Readme files, to put their aircraft on my humble website. Most highly featured is the Heinkel He-177, Feiseler Storch, G4M2 "Betty" with "Baka" missile (below), and "Mistel" Fw190 and Ju88 combination.
Ohka missile and G4M2 Betty mothership - download here

  CFS2 Excellence Medal 
   Note: I make no claim to being a computer graphic artist. Everything I make is, well, lousy yet suiting to the purpose, and this CFS2 Excellence Medal is no different. It has no shiny pictures and its merely a US Civil War military ribbon with "CFS2" pasted into the centre of it, but it will serve its purpose.
   I also make no claim to be a "grader" or "connoisseur" of any add-ons, but for truly enjoyable and/or excellent add-ons, I will rarely award this CFS2 Excellence Medal indicating it to be of the greatest quality and performance. Wherever you see this Medal on this website, that means the chosen add-on has been found "excellent" in my and at least one other independant observers' eyes.

Above: The CFS2 Add-on Excellence Medal